Your own personal seafront garden of Eden

Tall palm trees, endless sandy beaches, alternating landscapes and numerous archaeological sites and attractions left by ancient Greeks, Romans, medieval knights, Venetians and Ottomans have made exotic Kos, which sits on the edge of the Dodecanese islands in the Aegean Sea, simply irresistible for decades now. A fascinating island, forever linked with Hippocrates, antiquity's most noted physician who was born here, that also features fantastic food, is easily explored by bike and is a haven for water sports.

The E●GEO Easy Living Resort is strategically located in Marmari, in the island's northern part, right in front of one of Kos's best beaches. It is ideal for anyone who wants to explore the island's beauty easily and comfortably. The area is known for its winds that blow almost year-round and is perfect for water sports such as sailing, kite surfing and wakeboarding. Moreover, the coast is known for its pristine 3km long sandy beach that offers a sense of relaxation as it is quiet and secluded. The resort's facilities include a mini market and a jewellery shop that can cover your related needs. Just 1 km away you reach the tourist village "Marmari" which has many shops, restaurants and bars.